Monologue: Fire

(The protagonist sits on her knees on the middle of the scene . Quiet. The silence was so deafening that you could hear the strenght of feelings and screams of a small soul locked in a shell sitting on the cold floor.)

I didn’t expect the darkness behind your walls to be so blinding. But this is the darkness? Dark.Unwillingly,you let me climb the walls around you . What did I find ? Sheer darkness like the depths of the sea ,but within` me the flare lit up. The strenght of the light within me was like a fire im which every feeling burned endlessly . The light still wasn`t enough to light up the blinding darkness surrounding you.

(The girl sighs .)

I now understand you,the anger,tears and soul but where do I stand ? It is my darkness or yours? It`s yours ,and yet cannot comprehend or explain why there is so much darkness ,yet love and respect isn`t born with this much blinding darkness. The fear ,pain and direspect is where the darkness is born .

( So sudden the match lit up and the figure of the girl is visible.)
I burn with passion, alive and strong, yet i lost myself in your darkness. If you ask me where, there wont be an answer. I have been compared countless time to the girl on fire because of the red hair. Filled with impulse,vulgar and yet filled with feelings. I have asked myself where my fire is born from. Is it from my feelings for you or from the pain for you.
( The girl watches as the match burns away completely.)
(But the flame of the soul never goes out, does it? And yet I went out, just like this match. I turned to ashes and darkness, I merged with your darkness.)
(The girl sighs again and lights another match.)
(And sometimes you don’t nee butterflies to know and uderstand you are in love or that you can love, sometimes you feel a sharp pain in your chest that burns . That you lost that person and that you lost yourself. And you burn again and again. And yet if I turn to ashes, how do I still light myself? How can one fire ignite another fire? How could anyone love a person as horrible as me who always burns?
(The match goes out.)
(And yet I burn, lost in your darkness, I try to find your light. I’m trying to find your fire.)
((Instead of applause, it was just silence.)

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